How To Make A Christmas Stocking In 12 Easy Steps

Creating a Christmas stocking is a delightful and festive DIY project that can be personalized to your taste. Here are 12 easy steps to make a Christmas stocking:

Materials You'll Need:

  • Fabric for the stocking (such as felt, cotton, or fleece)
  • Fabric for the stocking lining
  • Fabric for the cuff
  • Fabric for any additional decorations
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • Ribbon or string for hanging
  • Sewing patterns (optional)


  1. Choose Your Fabrics: Select the fabrics for the stocking, lining, cuff, and any decorative elements. You can choose traditional holiday colors or go with a theme that suits your personal style.

  2. Create a Template: Draw or find a stocking template. You can easily find templates online or draw one freehand.

  3. Cut the Fabric: Use the template to cut two stocking shapes from your chosen fabric and two more from the lining fabric. Cut a strip for the cuff and any other decorative elements you'd like to add.

  4. Prepare the Cuff: Fold the cuff fabric in half lengthwise with the right sides facing each other. Sew along the long edge to create a tube. Then, fold it in half widthwise to create a cuff shape.

  5. Sew the Stocking: With the right sides facing each other, sew the two stocking pieces together along the edges, leaving the top open. You can either hand sew or use a sewing machine. Be sure to leave a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

  6. Trim Excess Fabric: Trim any excess fabric from the seams and cut small notches in the curved areas to help the stocking turn inside out smoothly.

  7. Prepare the Lining: Repeat the process with the two lining pieces, but leave a small opening at the bottom for turning the stocking right side out later.

  8. Attach the Cuff: Fold the cuff in half with the right sides facing outward and sew it to the top of the stocking, lining up the raw edges.

  9. Insert the Lining: Place the stocking lining inside the outer stocking with the right sides facing each other. Match up the top edges and the seams.

  10. Sew the Top: Sew around the top edge of the stocking, joining the outer fabric, cuff, and lining. Leave a small opening for turning.

  11. Turn the Stocking Right Side Out: Through the opening at the bottom, carefully turn the entire stocking right side out. Use a pencil or a chopstick to push out any tight corners.

  12. Finish and Hang: Hand-stitch or use fabric glue to close the openings on the stocking and lining. Attach a ribbon or string loop at the top corner for hanging.

Your homemade Christmas stocking is now ready to be filled with goodies or hung by the fireplace for a festive touch to your holiday decor. You can also embellish your stocking with additional decorations like felt appliques, sequins, or embroidery to make it truly unique.