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Posted On : 12 May 2018

Jack Richard



The word "presence" is not a word that's commonly used in discussions on love. However, there aren't many other skills as important when it comes to successful intimate relationships. The depth of a relationship will be directly related to our ability and willingness to let ourselves be fully present with one another.

Being present means being able to focus our attention fully on another, even if it's just for a brief period of time. By doing so, the other person feels seen and cared about. By neglecting to do so, the other person feels neglected and unimportant. It is our ability to be "present" that makes "quality time" occur in relationship interactions.

Throughout the whole life cycle, humans need others to be present with them. Without parents being "present" with their newborns, babies would not learn to attach to other humans. Without parents being present with their preschoolers, behavior problems will arise. Without teachers being present with their students, children will not blossom into learning. And without lovers being present during lovemaking , sex will be dull and lacking in energy.